Chase N’ Tailz KDW Fishing Tournament- One of the Largest Most Anticipated in the South East

In Memory of Chase Warren dedicated to improving the lives of sick children while creating lasting memories fishing.


Over $100,000 Raised for sick Children in 2018!

Congratulations to all our winning teams & some of the needy family’s with sick children ChasenTailz Teams, Sponsors & Supporters have helped.

Chasen’Tailz Tournament – 2018 Winner’s List

Heaviest Overall 1st Nearly Impossible  58.0 2nd Reefs Break 49.9 3rd Slob City  49.1

Largest Kingfish 1st Offshore Warrior  42.9 2nd Miss Michelle  42.0 3rd Badass Baits  39.4 4th Five-O  30.3

Largest Dolphin 1st Kind of a Big Reel  25.4 2nd Blue Seas 20.1 3rd Island Lure 19.0 4th Salt Water Insanity  15.8

Largest Wahoo 1st Strictly Fishing 45.5 2nd Reel Assets 24.0 3rd Hey Julia  3.9

Largest Bonita 1st Dawg On  13.8

Largest Snapper 1st Hot Lines 9.3

Small Boat 1st Reel Line  25.7 2nd Compromise  24.7

Junior 1st Bartolomie  19.0 2nd Baby Blue 17.4 3rd Team Tuppens  13.8

Lady 1st The Program 37.2 2nd Nearly Impossible 36.4

Pee Wee 1st Team Tito’s  25.3 2nd MacDaddy 17.0

SKA 1st Nearly Impossible  58.0

Heaviest 3 Fish Aggregate (KDW) Calcutta 1st Nearly Impossible 127.4

Heaviest Overall Calcutta 1st Nearly Impossible  58.0

Heavy Hitter Calcutta 1st Nearly Impossible  58.0

Heaviest 50/30/20 Calcutta 1st Nearly Impossible 58.0 2nd Reef Break 49.9 3rd Slob City 49.



Thank you to all of our friends and sponsors for supporting such a great cause. We are only in the beginning stages of taking on sponsors and we welcome anyone who would like to help support our cause.
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